"Pupils feel safe in school. They are kind and thoughtful to each other because the school's values expect this of them"
Ofsted March 2019


Medical Information

Detailed procedures for medical needs are outlined in the Health and Safety policy (found under the Polices tab in Parent Info)

  • The Welfare and Parent Support officer is the main school first aider and has responsibility for overseeing first aid in the school
  • Every class LSA holds a 2-day paediatric first aid certificate
  • Medical procedures are regularly reviewed and revised

All pupils who have been prescribed an asthma pump or Epipen must bring at least one to school at the start of the academic year, without it we are unable to have the child in school. Asthma pumps/epipens are taken to PE lessons, on trips and any other occasion when a child is away from their usual classroom. Access to pumps/pens at lunchtime is via the medical room in the school office. All staff on duty at lunchtime have received asthma/epipen training.

Welfare and Parent Support Officer: Ms M. Brennan

Please see the school office if you wish to make an appointment regarding medical or welfare issues