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Early Years Foundation Stage

Early Years Foundation Stage comprises Nursery and Reception classes.

Early years education is all about feeding children’s curiosity and ensuring that they never stop asking why or how, when or what. Our curriculum is devised to tap into children’s interests and will involve children in the process of devising it. By giving learning a purpose and application, skills for reading, writing and solving mathematical problems will become meaningful and more desirable. The ability to change someone’s mind in a letter, or make a cake by measuring the correct ingredients are the rewards of learning essential skills and are often practised in imaginative play. The outdoor and indoor areas of the nursery and the reception area are one big classroom. The play that goes on both inside and outside is part of learning and the activities planned by adults are there to challenge and stimulate children – to make them want to learn more. Learning to learn is a vital part of the curriculum. Understanding how we learn best is a key skill for adults and is something that we will help children identify from an early age. This includes learning to work alongside others to create and improve ideas. Helping children to be resilient, resourceful and reflective will be part of the school’s ethos as the children move from year to year.