Mrs F Maynard Headteacher Headteacher
Mrs J Rodrigues Deputy Headteacher Phase Leader of Early Years, 1,2 and 3
Mrs A Mercer Assistant Headteacher  
Miss E Harper Assistant Headteacher  
Mrs J Angliss Inclusion Lead SENCo
Miss A Gnap Year 6 (Phase Lead for Yr6) 6G Class Teacher 
Miss H Joseph-Green Year 6 6J Class Teacher
Mrs R Campanella Year 6  Year 6 HLTA
Miss A Santos Year 6  Year 6 HLTA 
Mr C Sambi Year 5 (Phase Lead for Yr 4 and 5) 5SO Class Teacher 
Miss E Ostrowski  Year 5  5SO Class Teacher 
Miss S Charles Year 5 5C Class Teacher 
Mrs T Kubiena Year 5  Year 5 HLTA
Mr M Smith  Year 4 4S Class Teacher 
Miss J Chak Year 4 4C Class Teacher 
Mrs M Rana Year 4  Year 4 HLTA
Mrs L Matthews Year 3/4  Year 3/4 Teaching Assistant 
Mr H Khan Year 3   3K Class Teacher
Mr K McElhone  Year 3 3M Class Teacher 
Mrs M Rogala Year 3   Year 3 HLTA
Mrs A Cieslak Year 3   Year 3 Teaching Assistant 
Miss R Fry Year 2  2FM Class Teacher 
Miss S Moreira Year 2  2FM Class Teacher 
Miss R Grey Year 2 2G Class Teacher
Mrs A Dyl-Wilk Year 2 Year 2 HLTA
Miss F Iqbal Year 1 1I Class Teacher 
Miss C Ford Year 1 1F Class Teacher 
Miss J Sutton  Year 1  Year 1 HLTA 
Mrs J Kaur Year 1 Year 1 Teaching Assistant 
Miss S Choudhury Reception RC Class Teacher 
Miss M D'Arcy  Reception  RDS Class Teacher 
Mrs L Solis  Reception  RDS Class Teacher 
Mrs S Dilley Reception Early Years Practitioner 
Mrs M Ulan Reception Reception Teaching Assistant 
Miss F Barlow Nursery Nursery Teacher 
Mrs C Martin  Nursery Nursery Teacher 
Mrs H Boelrikj  EYFS EYFS Support Teacher 
Mrs J Manning EYFS EYFS Support Teacher 
Mrs R Evans  Class Teacher  Class Teacher 
Mrs S Mirza Class Teacher  Class Teacher 
Ms H Lau  Speech and Language Resource Higher Level Teaching Assistant(SEN) 
Miss J Lau Speech and Language Resource Speech and Language Therapist 
Miss M Anderton Inclusion LSA  Learning Support Assistant (2F)
Sr Caroline Inclusion LSA  Learning Support Assistant (Reception and Year 1)
Mr J Preece Support Staff HTLA Computing and ICT 
Miss B Sheehy Safeguarding  Pastoral Lead
Ms M Brennan Welfare  Family Support and Welfare Adviser 
Miss S C O’Leary Office Office Manager+Headteacher’s PA 
Miss S K O'Leary  Office  Receptionist and Admin Assistant
Mrs J Nandhra Office Senior HR and Finance Manager  
Mr P Spackman Site  Site Manager 
Mrs B Neame Site  Site Support 
Mrs V Monnaie Support Staff Lunchtime Controller 
Mrs E Paczek Support Staff Lunchtime Controller