Medical Information

Detailed procedures for medical needs are outlined in the Health and Safety policy (found under the Polices tab in Parent Info)

  • The Welfare and Parent Support officer is the main school first aider and has responsibility for overseeing first aid in the school
  • Every class LSA holds a 2-day paediatric first aid certificate
  • Medical procedures are regularly reviewed and revised

All pupils who have been prescribed an asthma pump or Epipen will bring two devices to school: one to be kept in the classroom, one to be kept centrally by the Welfare Officer. Asthma pumps/epipens are taken to PE lessons, on trips and any other occasion when a child is away from their usual classroom. Access to pumps/pens at lunchtime is via the medical room in the school office. All staff on duty at lunchtime have received asthma/epipen training.


Welfare and Parent Support Officer: Ms W. Cripps.

Please see the school office if you wish to make an appointment regarding medical or welfare issues