School Dinners

School Lunches are provided by Taylor Shaw. Menus are updated regularly; Please find the latest menu here – Spring/Summer menu 2019

Packed lunches and snacks

St Ethelbert’s is committed to promoting a healthy lifestyle for its pupils. Those children bringing packed lunch to school are encouraged to include from all the main food groups – protein, carbohydrates, fruit and vegetables – and to bring few sugary or salty items such as biscuits and crisps. No fizzy drinks, sweets or chocolate bars should be included in lunchboxes.

Children may bring a snack for breaktime, this could be a a piece of fruit or a plain cereal bar. No items containing nuts should be brought to school as we have a number of pupils with nut allergies.

Physical activity

All pupils do two hours of PE per week. Additional clubs are offered at lunchtime and after school, and the school buys into the Slough Schools Sports Network for coaching and access to tournaments and competitions. Some of the after-school clubs incur an additional cost.

In addition, all members of the school community participate in the ‘Daily Mile’ a fitness initiative that involves everyone walking, jogging or running a mile every day. The health benefits of regular exercise have been proven and St Ethelbert’s is determined to have make exercise part of the daily routine for all it pupils.